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Drone photography has multiple uses for golf courses, including marketing, maintenance and construction. As such you should definitely consider it for one or more of these purposes.

When it comes to marketing, drone video can show off your course like ground footage might not be able to. Move slowly hole by hole, showing all of the twists, turns, sand traps, water elements and everything else that makes your golf course unique. Drone footage can also provide stunning aerial views of your club house and amenities such as your pool, tennis courts, and other facilities, allowing potential members to see the full scope of what your golf course has to offer.

As far as maintenance, drone footage can detect any problems, survey for damage, check fairway conditions and monitor daily activity.

For construction purposes, drones can help in the design process with 2D photogrammetry imagery and LiDar maps. Once the project begins, a drone can oversee everything to make sure it’s proceeding as planned. Everything can be documented from start to finish to minimize issues as well as save time and money.

So whether you’re trying to attract new members, maintain your course or build a brand new one, drone photography can be an extremely helpful tool.

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