Real Estate Drone Course

Learn How to Use Drones to Close Listings Faster

The real estate market is more challenging than ever. Move listings faster by catching attention of your prospects instantly.

Top Realtors Use Drones

Grab Attention

Stand out on Zillow and MLS with better media, virtual tours, and more professional listings.

Be Memorable

Improve listings with memorable photos, videos, and tours that stand out from every other listing.

Look Professional

Become the market leader with professionalism other realtors simply can’t compare to.

Increase Referrals

Have customers refer you new clients when they see unparalleled media and professionalism.

Improve Marketing

Showcase your listings and grow your digital presence for your agency and listings.

Grow Business

Grow commissions by getting listings out the door, clients in, and word of mouth spread.

Learn How to Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing in Under 2 Hours

The real estate market may slow, but it never stops. There are agents doing well regardless of the economy. It comes down to their attention-grabbing media, professionalism, and experience. 

With this course, in under 2 hours, you will learn how to stand out in your market with high-quality drone footage, real estate photography best practices, and more.

Beginners Guide: Intro to Real Estate Drone Photography

Module 1: Benefits of Using Drones for Real Estate Photography - 24:59m

  1. Intro to drones for real estate
  2. Highlighting key property features 
  3. Demonstrating surrounding areas
  4. Intro to drone virtual tours
  5. Standing out in the market 
  6. Leveraging drones in your listing media

Module 2: Overview of Drones for Real Estate Photography - 15:02m

  1. Introduction to Consumer Drones
  2. Selecting the Right Consumer Drone
  3. Recommended Consumer-Grade Drones
  4. Introduction to Professional Drones
  5. Selecting the Right Professional Drone
  6. Recommended Professional Drones

Module 3: FAA Rules and Regulations for Commercial Drone Use - 16:31m

  1. Intro to the FAA and Part 107 Certification
  2. Registering Your Drone & Remote ID
  3. Operating Rules  & Restrictions
  4. Intro to Controlled Airspace & LAANC
  5. Waivers & Authorizations
  6. Intro to Aviation Insurance

Module 4: Introduction to Basic Drone Flight Techniques - 40:06m

  1. Learning Basic Drone Controls
  2. Pre-flight Checklist
  3. Takeoff and Landing 
  4. Hovering and Stability
  5. Basic Flight Maneuvers
  6. Emergency Procedures & Safety

#1 Market Leader in Real Estate Drone Photography

JR Resolutions has worked with the best in real estate, from small agencies up to the Fortune 500. We’ve been able to innovate in the real estate industry for nearly a decade with advanced media solutions that:

1. Grow awareness

2. Build reputations

3. Close listings faster

Close Listings Faster.

There are over 200,000 drone pilots and 1.6 million real estate agents in the U.S. Separate yourself from the rest with media that is second to none.


Most frequent questions and answers

This course is built for both beginners and intermediate professionals. While built for real estate professionals that don’t have knowledge of drones, established drone operators getting into real estate drone footage will find value too.

You don’t need any equipment. If you have a drone, you’ll learn how to use it better. However, if you don’t, we’ll show you how to choose the best equipment for your situation.

While there’s no prescription for what drones must be used, this course covers best practices, recommended equipment, and more.

Absolutely. We cover FAA regulations, insurance requirements and more in this course on real estate drone usage. 

This course is built as a series of four straight forward modules, all roughly an hour or so.  In total, plan on 4 hours of studying and additional time to execute at your own pace.

This course is designed to help you stand out from the nearly 2 million real estate agents competing for the same buyers as you. 

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