A short while ago we created a helpful guide to video marketing to show you how to make the most out of the beautiful videos that JR Resolutions creates for you.

JR Resolutions’ Guide to Video Marketing

Clients often reach out to us stating that they want to produce a video, from there our team will work diligently with them to create that product. As a successful marketing tool like video continues to gain exponential popularity with marketers and consumers, often the only video strategy is to, well, have a video strategy.

We won’t take a penny from a client until we determine the video’s objective within their marketing program. It may be as simple as inserting something like a commercial property overview into a real estate listing and an existing marketing channel. Additional items to consider are:

The Sales Funnel for Video Marketing

Do you have an understanding of your own sales funnel? How does your sales team interact with customers from the start of the process to the transaction? For clarity’s sake, we break down the sales stages into Awareness, Interest & Evaluation, Desire, and then Action.

What’s exciting to us about video within the marketing mix is that as a medium, it can be used to bring potential customers into the funnel and then through each of the above steps. It’s all a matter of producing a video that suits these different stages versus a one-size fits all.

Creating Interest and an Evaluation Tool

For example, let’s consider the work JR Resolutions has completed for a luxury yacht builder.  They run a robust print ad and digital marketing campaign all designed to build awareness and bring customers into the funnel.

In today’s environment, more savvy consumers are doing their research before even contacting a sales professional. They’ll review the competition, magazine web sites, and video. During this Interest & Evaluation stage is when a review-oriented video communicating the features and benefits of the product is key. The imagery that video produces to deliver the facts and figures is far more enticing than running text with the same information.

The Emotive Connection

The next stage of the sales funnel is the Desire portion where the goal is to create a more emotive connection between the brand and consumer. This requires a different video approach, where we’d place the boat in its environment and capture not only the beauty of the product, but of the destination and how people can enjoy the yacht. We focus on creating the story around the brand. These are the aspirational videos that entice a consumer during long winter nights as they start to picture themselves in that environment.

Driving Action

As many companies bring customers into the action mode of the sales funnel, they’ll apply different marketing tools based on their respective businesses. These can include open houses, consumer shows, and private events. Video can also play an important role at this stage and be used with Video eVites for an event, footage for virtual events, or even private tours.

Within each of these sales funnel stages, marketers will often employ a multiple channel strategy that amplifies the characteristics of that channel. JR Resolutions will work with clients to understand their specific strategy during our initial discovery meeting to ensure we create the most effective video marketing plan.

For example, from our b-roll footage we can also create what can become shorter :15 or :30 video snippets for social media channels, or even shorter for digital gif ads if needed. Our goal is to go beyond just the production day and the immediate task at hand and provide as much value as we can to allow our clients to leverage the ROI across their marketing program.


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