We may be facing challenging times but that hasn’t stopped business from growing here at JR Resolutions. In recent months we’ve been involved with several exciting projects that continue to highlight the benefits of professional drone photography.

There is no doubt that aerial photography can be a tremendous marketing tool and all of our recent work has proven just how effective it really is. Ranging from real estate projects to luxury yacht sales, here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been doing lately.




1.    Broadway East Project  – JR Resolutions was proud to be a part of this unique transformation project taking place in Baltimore’s Broadway East neighborhood. Organizers Pless and Elizabeth Jones have spearheaded an exceptional program dedicated to revitalizing Broadway East and redirecting the future development of Baltimore. The initial part of the project involves the redevelopment of a five acre plot of land at the corner of Belair Road and Sinclair Lane, off US Highway 1, northeast of downtown Baltimore.

JR Resolutions was pleased to provide both aerial photos and video footage of the area to help highlight what the organizers plan to accomplish in this growing urban community. Our drone photography was able to offer a bird’s eye view of the entire five acre expanse, making it easier for the organizers to bring their plans to life.  With a much broader perspective than traditional ground-based photography can accomplish, this provides not only a clearer view of the present but a window into what the future may hold for this area.



2.    Get To Know Jeanneau – As we live through unprecedented times, health and safety considerations have produced many challenges for all types of businesses.  Boat dealers are not immune to this and one of the premier dealers, Jeanneau America, Inc., has had to rethink its entire marketing approach due to COVID related restrictions. Since these restrictions have made it impossible to hold traditional large scale boat shows that companies like Jeanneau rely on to showcase their models, they have turned to smaller, private events instead.

In a video presentation entitled “Get to Know Jeanneau” the company was able to detail its new approach to marketing, which involves a series of smaller, open house type events designed to ensure the safety of both their customers and employees while promoting their luxury yachts in marina settings across America. The “Get to Know Jeanneau” package was shot and produced by JR Resolutions, using our expert drone and ground videography skills to highlight Jeanneau’s beautiful boats and give customers a realistic view of what they can expect at one of the open house events.

Showcasing luxury yachts is one of the most effective uses of aerial photography, as the wide scope of the drone can help prospective buyers get an up close and personal view of all of the features these incredible boats contain. They can also get a feel for how the boat handles in the water and what type of adventures await for yacht owners.  In the last few months, we’ve been able to provide walk through video footage of two amazing yachts that we think proves the value of aerial photography in this particular area.



3.    Coastal Craft 45 – A beautiful 2017 model offered by DiMillo’s Yacht Sales, this yacht packs in a tremendous amount of features on two decks. Our video walkthrough gives customers an up close look at everything from the aluminum exterior to the teak and cherry finishes on the interior as well as individual features such as the drop down 32” TV, full state-of-the art helm controls and stainless steel kitchen appliances. We also showcase how effortlessly the Coastal Craft 45 moves through the water thanks to its two Volvo IPS 600 diesel engines. It truly is a sales experience like no other, allowing you to have an unprecedented view of this beautiful yacht from the comfort of your own home.



4.    Galeon 385 HTS – Another offering from DiMillo’s Yacht Sales is this one-of-a-kind fully customized 2017 Galeon 385 HTS, for which we also provided a video walkthrough package. This is a rare model that uses real hardwood and an abundance of windows and skylights to create an open, airy and luxurious feel. The use of drone photography was particularly effective here to highlight all of the many unique features of this exquisite luxury yacht. We were also able to give prospective buyers a feel for how the boat handles in the water, for a truly comprehensive marketing approach.

Quality professional aerial photos or video footage can make a tremendous difference in so many areas, from real estate development to luxury yacht sales and JR Resolutions is so excited to be a part of this growing market. With expert training and the latest in drone technology, we offer a variety of photo and video packages at affordable prices. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to aerial photography and we’re ready to help you take full advantage of everything that it has to offer.

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