There are many advantages to professional quality drone photography but perhaps one of the most unique is providing a safe and cost effective way of documenting property demolition.

Demolition is a necessary part of many development projects and it generally needs to be carefully documented for both economic and safety reasons. Until now there has been no easy way to provide this service but improvements in technology are constantly changing the way developers, architects and building professionals approach their business.

Not surprisingly, when undertaking a procedure as potentially hazardous as building demolition it is particularly important to carefully document every step of the process to avoid liability as well as identify and avoid potential safety risks. Drone photography can allow you to obtain images of difficult to reach locations, including roofs, HVAC systems and mechanical rooms so you can have a comprehensive view of the entire site.

Along with standard aerial photos, drones can also be used to provide time lapse video footage so that you can display the site progression, from demolition through the completion of new construction. Not only can this help you determine your expenses, but it can also be a great way of showcasing your services to potential clients to drive up bidding for your project.

Documenting demolition with drone photography is one of the fastest growing uses of this amazing technology, providing businesses with a perfect way to stay on top of a project from start to finish. The advantages of this approach can hardly be denied and by hiring a professional you can be sure to get the best quality imagery.


What Can Drone Photography Do For Your Demolition Project?

Documentation is absolutely essential for any demolition project and drone photography can help to facilitate that comprehensive documentation in a number of important ways. It gives you a decided advantage and can help you to keep expenses down by mitigating safety issues and staying on top of any expenses that may accrue throughout the process.

From the start, you can use drone photography to show all of the equipment used on your project and exactly how each piece of equipment was employed to help take down the structure. At the same time you can thoroughly inspect every part of the building so that you can perform a thorough risk assessment and ensure that all necessary safety precautions are followed.

Using mapping and orthomosaic technology, drone photography can assist in keeping up with site progression and producing detailed reports to closely follow the progress of the demolition. This can help you to budget both your time and money so that you can be sure of bringing your project to conclusion on schedule while keeping your overhead low.

Finally, using drone photography you can obtain a full series of before and after pictures, allowing customers to get a complete view of the services that you provide. This can offer a sense of security for you and your customers that is invaluable and can help you to generate more business by showcasing your approach to the demolition process.


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