As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This has been the basis behind the entire professional photography business since its earliest days.  Photography allows us to express emotions and make a statement through stunning images. Incorporating top of the line drone technology quite literally takes the art and business of photography to a whole new level.

Drone photography allows for different perspectives and the use of drones has made aerial photography much more affordable and accessible for a number of different uses.  Everything from land surveying to commercial development to real estate marketing and other forms of marketing can benefit from the use of dynamic aerial photographs. In fact, the popularity of drone photography as a marketing tool in particular has skyrocketed within just the last few years and the trend shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Getting A New View

Whether you’re talking about your local neighborhood, a faraway place you might not otherwise see or just a simple event like a wedding, the immediate benefit of drone photography is to be able to look at places, objects and people from a whole new point of view that wouldn’t be physically possible with standard photography. Looking down from above opens up the possibilities for angles and perspectives that can cast a location or object in a whole new light and make us look at it in a different way.

From its inception, what made aerial photography stand out was the ability to get a bird’s eye view, something that isn’t generally possible for humans.  Over time, that method has been applied for a number of reasons from military surveillance to land surveying. It has been employed in topographical surveys and mapping to get both broader views of an area as well as more detailed looks at otherwise inaccessible features.

Now, with the use of drone technology, that viewpoint has been expanded even further, giving us the ability to access areas that were impossible even for traditional aerial photography using planes. It can also allow for photographing in various weather conditions, offering a view of the effects of that weather on landscapes and buildings.

Providing Greater Context

One of the biggest advantages of drone photography is the ability to produce both still and video images that can show a house, building or luxury object such as a yacht or car, within its surroundings. Again, this offers a perspective that traditional photography can’t and can be particularly effective in the areas of marketing and land development.

It’s one thing to see a photo of a house, but when you see that house from above, you can also view the surrounding area, the property lines and where it sits in relation to its neighbors, all of which provides a greater context that can be helpful for prospective customers.

Specific Uses For Drone Photography

With all of that in mind, it becomes clear how drone photography can make a real difference in many different areas.  Here are just a few of the specific ways in which you can use drone photography:

·      Landscape Photography – since it allows for wider perspectives in still photos as well as video footage, drone photography can be used to take dynamic photos that showcase various landscapes in breathtaking ways.

·      Wedding Photography – the use of drone photography can be a wonderful addition to your wedding day, helping to capture those special moments from a whole new perspective. Group photographs that show the bride and groom with all of their guests or broad, panoramic shots that showcase the wedding venue can add a new touch to traditional wedding photography.

·      Real Estate Marketing – this is one of the most exciting uses of drone photography as it can be an effective tool for showcasing a property to its best advantage in order to entice prospective buyers. This holds true across the board from residential homes to commercial properties. Seeing how a home or building is situated within its surroundings can help to give a buyer a frame of reference, which can be particularly useful if the buyer is new to the area.

·      Property Appraisals – since it can allow a view of an entire property, drone photography can be particularly useful in assessing the overall value of that property for real estate and development purposes.

·      Home and Property Inspections – drone photography can allow a home or property owner to view parts of the property that would otherwise be unsafe or inaccessible, such as roofs or upper floors, enabling them to identify and address potential problems in a timely manner.

·      Documenting Land Changes – similar to inspection of buildings, drone photography can also be used to document changes to land from weather conditions, erosion and other causes over a period of time to give a full view of a property.

·      Architectural Planning and Development – providing an overview of an entire location, surrounding properties and land can help in the planning and development stages of commercial properties and housing, giving architects a better idea of the resources and space they have to work with.

·      Marketing and Advertising – Property isn’t the only thing that can be highlighted more spectacularly with drone photography. Luxury items such as high end automobiles and yachts can be marketed more effectively when they are photographed within their surroundings. While detailing the features of a yacht is certainly important, showcasing the adventures you can have and the exotic places you can visit with that yacht takes the marketing approach to a whole new level.




Why Use An Aerial Photographer?

Aerial photography is an effective and useful tool with many different applications that can benefit your business or be used for personal needs. As with any type of service, in order to get the most out of this tool it helps to have the services of a trained professional who not only has the necessary equipment but also the skills to get the best possible results.

A professional aerial photographer can provide a wide range of services, from still photos to video coverage, which can result in a whole new view of your property, merchandise or family event.

Drone Photography Can Be Used For So Much

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but a professionally produced aerial photograph can speak volumes, especially when you put your photography needs in the right hands. Whether you need to inspect your roof, sell your home, buy a yacht or document a changing landscape, nothing is quite as effective at getting a message across as a beautiful aerial shot.

JR Resolutions understands the many ways that aerial photography can be put to use most effectively and that’s why we offer a wide range of services at affordable price points so that you can take advantage of everything aerial photography can do for you.

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