The world of aerial photography continues to change and expand as more businesses and individual clients have come to recognize the many advantages of this exciting technology. With the easy accessibility of content via any browser, JR Resolutions remains at the cutting edge of the Baltimore drone service industry, providing a full range of photography services for everything from commercial real estate to luxury yacht sales.

Here are just a few of the most recent projects we’ve completed, which will help to demonstrate what we can do for your team or business.

1. Logistics Center/Cushman & Wakefield Leasing

Showcasing commercial properties is one of the most effective and exciting applications of aerial photography and JR Resolutions was proud to put our skills to work recently for Cushman & Wakefield, one of the world’s largest commercial real estate services firms. We produced professional aerial photos as well as a comprehensive video package using data from both exterior and interior drone photography to showcase a new Class A Industrial Development available for lease in Aberdeen, MD, just outside of the Baltimore metroplex.

This project was not without its challenges, as the development lies within restricted military airspace. Fortunately, this time we were able to gain special airspace authorization, allowing us to capture aerial footage of the entire development and its surrounding area.

Navigating through restricted military airspace posed challenges. Fortunately, with our understanding of legal protocols, we secured special airspace authorization this time, enabling comprehensive footage capture.

With security callouts, animated maps, and fact sheets, our drone video package distinctly highlighted the property’s attributes, creating an impressive visual account of the location.

2. Business Center/Blue & Obrecht Realty

Another opportunity to use our aerial photography support services to help highlight a piece of commercial real estate was this project completed for Blue & Obrecht Realty.

In an effort to understand the needs of the people who would be interested in the property, we combined aerial pictures and video. Located just off of Interstate 83 and not far from Hunt Valley Towne Centre, this is a prime location with separate buildings connected by a shared entrance and outdoor courtyard area.

Using aerial photos and video footage, we created an account of the property’s unique features. The video package includes motion tracked callouts and graphics, highlighting the property’s square footage, acreage, parking capacity, nearby access roads and other surrounding businesses. This exciting, professional quality footage gives potential buyers a perspective that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get, allowing them to see everything that this beautiful corporate property has to offer.

Another very effective use of aerial photography is showcasing luxury yachts. There is no better way to highlight both the individual interior and exterior features of a yacht as well as demonstrate the way it handles in the water than with the use of drone photography and video footage. This process can help boat dealers provide a comprehensive view of their various makes and models while giving prospective buyers a glimpse of the exciting adventures they can experience as a yacht owner.

Recently, we were able to put our professional abilities to use for another luxury yacht dealer to showcase their latest offering.

3. Back Cove 39O

The newest offering from Back Cove Yachts, the Back Cove 39O offers comfort and style for a yachting experience like no other. Powered by three 350hp Suzuki engines, the Back Cove 39O can move effortlessly in any type of water while providing top of the line fittings and features for a feeling of true luxury. The power is at close to your fingertips in the fully equipped helm that includes standard bow thruster and trim tab controls as well as space for a complete suite of navigational electronics.

We filmed on the beautiful Ashley River in Charleston, SC, allowing us to showcase the Back Cove 39O in motion. Combining aerial pictures/video and interior pictures/video we created professional quality photos, videos and a marketing style video to be used as part of the listing for this beautiful model.

We also created a walkthrough video with voiceover to highlight the many luxury features of the Back Cove 39O including fine wood finishing, a 32” drop down flat screen TV, and two fully appointed cabins. The drone footage also allowed us to present one of this model’s stand-out features–the heavy-duty stainless steel entry door to the bridge deck.

What We Offer?

Offering a variety of professional quality photo and video packages delivered at affordable prices, JR Resolutions is excited to be a part of this rapidly expanding Baltimore drone service field. We combine expert training with top-of-the-line drone technology to provide clear, crisp and detailed footage of everything from commercial real estate to luxury yachts.

There is no doubt about the advantages that aerial photography presents. It has become a remarkably effective marketing tool for a visually oriented audience, helping companies to draw in customers in a way that traditional advertisements and photos simply cannot. JR Resolutions understands this appeal, and with our Baltimore drone service expertise, we can help take your marketing strategy to new heights. For more insights on how drones are revolutionizing the construction sector, visit here.”

Our commitment to high-quality aerial photography makes JR Resolutions a trusted name in the Baltimore drone service sector. We have the expertise and tools to capture remarkable visuals that can transform your marketing approach.


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