Let’s face it, this is a visually driven world. From viral videos to pop up ads, it seems everything these days is designed to be pleasing to the eye. With everyone walking around with a mobile device getting your message across means catching a prospective buyer’s attention instantly and making an immediate visual impact.

When it comes to presenting a luxury item like a yacht, nothing makes a bigger impact than crisp, clear aerial photography and videography. Using state-of-the-art drone technology, this is the perfect way to showcase your yacht so you can highlight everything that it has to offer.

However, it’s about much more than just detailing the features. Drone photography allows you to broaden the perspective, showing the yacht in beautiful surroundings and truly telling the whole story.

 There are several specific ways that drone photography can help to showcase your yacht:

·      Sell The Luxury Lifestyle – Just as it is with a mansion or high-end automobile, selling a yacht is about selling a lifestyle. You want prospective buyers to imagine themselves living the good life, relaxing with their friends, having a drink while they enjoy the sun and waves. With aerial photography you can set a scene and draw them in, letting them cast themselves in this enticing story.

·      Set the Stage – Unlike standard photography, which can be very limited in its scope, drone photography and videography allows you to broaden the perspective, showing the yacht in any number of beautiful settings. Whether it’s gliding smoothly across pristine waters or anchored in a quiet, private cove, you’ll be able to show the many escapes that yacht ownership can provide.

·      Highlight the Features – Of course luxury yachts can come with a wide variety of unique and attractive features and drone photography can give you an effective tool for highlighting these. When combined with standard ground footage of the interior, exterior drone footage can provide a more complete presentation of the whole yacht, letting buyers feel as if they are getting a personal guided tour. This allows you to give them an up-close look at any special features in a way that standard photography alone just can’t match.

·      Make Your Brand Stand Out – You want to be sure that when they’re ready to make a purchase, prospective customers will come to you first. With drone photography you can more easily tie in your brand with each individual yacht listing, using logos, slogans and other marketing guideposts to help establish your brand and ensure that it makes a lasting impact.

·      Make The Most of Social Media – Not surprisingly, a big part of marketing today is having a strong presence on social media. With so many prospective buyers getting the bulk of their information from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media, having a dynamic presence on sites like these can make all the difference. Drone photography is naturally geared toward social media, making it the perfect way to showcase your yacht and reach the largest possible audience.




Reach Buyers Where It Matters Most

The key to any effective marketing strategy is understanding your audience and gearing your approach to appeal to them. With drone photography, you can tailor your marketing more carefully to reach your buyers in a personalized manner. You don’t just want to grab their attention, you need to retain it and you do that by literally putting them in the driver’s seat, helping them to get a first hand idea of how it would feel to be guiding their very own luxury yacht through the water.

It’s an all encompassing experience that traditional photography just can’t match and it can help you to draw on the emotions of prospective buyers, something which is so much more important with a luxury purchase like a yacht. A series of professionally crafted drone photographs or a video package can engage buyers in a vivid, exiting way that speaks directly to their emotions and increases the likelihood of completing a sale.

Buying any kind of vehicle is about more than just looks…most buyers will also want an idea of how it handles as well. With an aerial video package you can show exactly how your yacht handles, how smooth and easy it is to operate, even how easy it is to dock. This gives a much more comprehensive view of the yacht and helps to truly highlight everything it has to offer.

There’s a lot more to owning a luxury yacht than just the mechanics, however. A big selling point is the sense of adventure that yacht ownership can create. This is also a great way to directly engage your buyer’s emotions. Since aerial photography can give you a much wider perspective, you can include the yacht’s surroundings and show the kind of exotic places that buyers will be able to visit and the adventures they can have.

Professional Photography Can Make All The Difference

When you’re marketing a high end item like a yacht, every little detail counts, which is why you should count on professionals like those at JR Resolutions to ensure that your yacht is showcased properly. We have the training and expertise to handle all of your photography needs, from traditional interior photos and videos to aerial photos, video packages and 360° virtual tours. We understand how to identify and highlight unique features to ensure that they stand out and make the greatest impact.

We’re also prepared to choose the ideal surrounds to help set off your yacht and make that extremely important emotional appeal to draw buyers in. For video packages, we’ll be sure to film during the ideal weather conditions so that there’s nothing to take away from the final product. Wind, sun, and cloud cover can all affect the look of photos and videos and we take everything into consideration so that you can be sure of getting the best quality images possible.




As professionals, we understand the need to not only showcase your yacht as effectively as possible but also to ensure that you are getting the most for your money and that your job is handled with safety in mind. This is where aerial photography really stands out, especially when it comes to highlighting yachts.

Before drone technology came along, the only way to get shots of a yacht from above or while moving through the water was by using a helicopter or a second boat to shadow or chase the yacht. While both of these methods certainly work, they are far from ideal.

Each is not only considerably more expensive, but also more dangerous. You’ve got the extra expense of equipment rentals and paying for extra personnel to pilot the other vehicle. At the same time, your photographer may have to go to hazardous lengths, either above the yacht in a helicopter or speeding along beside it on another boat, to try and get the perfect shot.

With vibrant, exciting professional quality aerial footage, you can tell the story of your yacht in a way that will draw prospective buyers in and make it come to life. It’s a dynamic marketing tool that is ideal for today’s visual oriented society and one that you can’t afford to overlook. Best of all, it is much more cost effective, as it makes it far easier to get the perfect shot in half the time than with traditional methods. It can allow your yacht to be captured from every conceivable angle so you’re sure of making the statement you want.

Don’t settle for second best when you want to sell your luxury yacht. Let JR Resolutions put our skills and state-of-the-art equipment to work for you and you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits that drone photography has to offer.

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